The Pandora Bangle

I was finally cached in Pandora´s web. As crazy as I am about jewelry, Pandora´s famous bracelets and charms were never too appealing to me. I mean, the pieces are very cute, and I like the leather wrap bracelets, but not enough to buy for myself. Till now!

Finally the brand created a piece that I really love and that can absolutely match my style, the Pandora bangle. It’s a silver bangle with a new clasp and we can use it just simple or with any number of charms. If for example you already have any other Pandora´s bracelets you can change the charms and use it in the bangle.

I’m really into this new style and I think it will look great mixed with any other bracelets I have. I’m not so crazy about the charms but I even looked at a couple that I will get to turn it more personalized.

Take a look at


  1. Great selection!
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  2. This is stunning!! :)

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  3. Wow cool, Idont know this bangle;-) thx for your post!

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  4. Pretty bangle Pandora has great collections.

  5. wow♥ the bracelets are so elegant and stylish!♥ lovely picks! ;)

  6. Pandora is such a hot right now. No wonder, their pieces are amazing :)

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  7. I love Pandora bracelets!!

  8. Love it! xoxo